Hongxing Erguotou

Beijing is China's five dynasties, the city spirit erguotou wine is a typical representative of the liquor culture, has a history of 800 years. It is developed by the shochu, mentioned in Ming dynasty Beijing tzu "jingshi also burn a knife and Di of cotton". City wine technician when steamed wine will be the first wine head to remove from the pan is the third JiuWei also remove from the pan is midway through the second pan out wine, called "break off both ends to intercept the middle" process, this is the first, named after the process of liquor is a milestone in the history of wine making in our country, for hundreds of years are for peace and commonly known as "spirit erguotou" today.
In May 1949, approved by the central people's government red star incorporated old Beijing famous name "longquan", "with the new ideas", "yonghe into" and "celebrate spring" dozen old cooking pot, has inherited Beijing several hundred years of wine making. "Beijing red star" in order to meet the new China was born, in August 1949 to produce the first batch of red star spirit erguotou wine market in September, was launched products, with its full-bodied palate quality, by the broad masses of be fond of, is known as the "famous" of the masses. Red star spirit erguotou wine is typical representative of Beijing culture. Red star was the founder of the spirit erguotou wine, from 300 tons to 60000 tons in 1949, qing scent liquor production of the nation's new record, satisfying the requirements of the people's life.