Opera Mask

China’s Peking Opera art is the opera lovers enjoy the arts, popular at home and abroad scope is quite widespread, has been generally accepted as the identity of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Is a national characteristic of a special type of makeup. As each historical figure or a certain type of person has an approximate spectral type, like singing, playing music should be according to the score, the so called “facebook”.

Peking Opera is a drama color most operas in facebook. Facebook color refers to the embarrassment of the primary colors, red, purple, black, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, brown, red ochre, gold, silver and other colors, each second, with rich imagination and exaggeration, highlight the complex characters in the play image, appeared on the stage. Peking Opera in shape, spirit, etc, of a variety of people loyal, rape, moral praise or blame, love and hate clear, good and evil and color changes, drew is delicate, full of beautiful pattern, has the distinct ideological content and artistic quality.

Red representative of the brave, integrity; Black represents bravery, straight; White on behalf of treacherous, vicious, sinister; Oil become white represents conceit, domineering; Blue on behalf of the strong, strong; Green represents tenacious, chivalrous; Yellow represents the cruel and calm; On behalf of the old gray lean; The representative of the purple bravely just righteousness, his majesty; Gold and silver is our god, Buddha, ghosts, spirits.

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